Compile procedures and functions into the current object (.OBJ) file

     SET PROCEDURE TO [<idProgramFile>[.<ext>]]


     TO <idProgramFile> is the name of the procedure file to compile into
     the current object file.  It can optionally include a path and/or drive

     <ext> is the optional extension of the procedure.  If not specified,
     .prg is assumed.

     SET PROCEDURE TO with no argument is ignored.


     SET PROCEDURE directs the compiler to compile all procedures and user-
     defined functions declared within the specified procedure file into the
     current object (.OBJ) file.

     SET PROCEDURE is a compatibility command and not recommended.  It has
     been superseded by other facilities more appropriate to the compiled
     environment (e.g., the compiler script (.clp)) file.

     See the Clipper "Compiler" chapter in the Programming and Utilities
     Guide for a full discussion of program architecture and configuration.


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