C5 TBColumn Class


 Provides column objects for TBrowse objects


     A TBColumn object is a simple object containing the information needed
     to fully define one data column of a TBrowse object (see the TBrowse
     reference in this chapter).  TBColumn objects have no methods, only
     exported instance variables.


     .  This example is a code fragment that creates a TBrowse object
        and adds some TBColumn objects to it:

        USE Customer NEW

        // Create a new TBrowse object
        objBrowse := TBrowseDB(1, 1, 23, 79)

        // Create some new TBColumn objects and
        // add them to the TBrowse object
        objBrowse:addColumn(TBColumnNew( "Customer", ;
              {|| Customer->Name} ))
        objBrowse:addColumn(TBColumnNew( "Address", ;
              {|| Customer->Address} ))
        objBrowse:addColumn(TBColumnNew( "City", ;
              {|| Customer->City} ))
        . <statements to actually browse the data>
        CLOSE Customer

        For more information on TBrowse, refer to the Introduction to TBrowse
        chapter in the Programming and Utilitites guide.  For a fully
        operational example of a TBrowse object, see also TbDemo.prg located

Class Function
     TBColumnNew()   Create a new TBColumn object

     TBColumnNew(<cHeading>, <bBlock>) --> objTBColumn

        Returns a new TBColumn object with the specified heading and data
        retrieval block.  Other elements of the TBColumn object can be
        assigned directly using the syntax for assigning exported instance

More ...

See Also: BROWSE()* DBEDIT()* TBrowse

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