FT Functions

FT_AADDITION()   Add elements unique of source array to target array
FT_AAVG()        Average numeric values in an array
FT_ADESSORT()    Sort an array in descending order
FT_AEMAXLEN()    Find longest element within an array
FT_AEMINLEN()    Find shortest element within an array
FT_AMEDIAN()     Find middle value in array, or average of two middle values
FT_ANOMATCHES()  Find the number of array elements meeting a condition
FT_AREDIT()      2 dimensional array editing function using TBrowse
FT_ASUM()        Sum the elements of an array
FT_BYT2BIT()     Convert byte to string of 1's and 0's
FT_BYT2HEX()     Convert byte to hexadecimal version of its binary value
FT_CHDIR()       Change the current directory
FT_D2E()         Convert decimal to scientific notation 
FT_DEC2BIN()     Convert decimal to binary 
FT_DEFAULT()     Retrieve and optionally change the current default drive

FT_DOSVER()      Return the current DOS major and minor version as a string 

FT_DSKFREE()     Return the amount of available disk space

FT_DSKSIZE()     Return the maximum capacity of a fixed disk
FT_E2D()        Convert scientific notation string to a decimal 
FT_ESCCODE()    Convert Lotus style escape codes 
FT_HEX2DEC()    Convert a hex number to decimal 
FT_INVCLR()     Get the inverse of a color 
FT_NTOW()       Translate numeric value to words  
FT_RESTARR()    Restore a Clipper array from a disc file  
FT_SAVEARR()    Save Clipper array to a disc file. 
FT_SQZN()       Compress a numeric value into a character string 
FT_STOD()       Convert a date string to a Clipper date data type 
FT_UNSQZN()     Uncompress a numeric compressed by 
FT_XTOY()       Convert from any data type to any other data type

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