Convert from any data type to any other data type


      FT_XTOY( <xValueToConvert>, <cTypeToConvertTo> ;
               [, <lWantYesNo> ] ) -> xResult


     <xValueToConvert> is the value to convert.

     <cTypeToConvertTo> is the type of value to convert to
     ("C","D","L","N","A" or "B").

     <lWantYesNo> is a logical to signal if 'Y' or 'N' is to be returned
     if Converting a logical, otherwise '.T.' or '.F.' will be returned
     for logicals.


     The original value converted to the new type.


     This function converts a value of character, date, numeric, logical,
     array or code block type to any of the other type.  While it is
     guaranteed to return a value of the correct type, that value may not
     be meaningful (i.e., converting from a code block returns an EMPTY()
     value of the desired type).


     nNumericValue := FT_XTOY(cInputValue, "N")
     IF (FT_XTOY(nInputValue, "L"))

 Source: ANY2ANY.PRG

 Author: David Husnian


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