Retrieve and optionally change the current default drive


     FT_DEFAULT( [ <cDrive> ] ) -> cDrive


    <cDrive> is optional, and if specified is the new default drive.


    The current default drive.  If a change of default drive is requested,
    the return value is the drive AFTER the change is made.  This allows
    you to make sure you specified a valid drive (i.e. if you attempt to
    change the default drive, and the function returns a different drive
    letter than the one you specified, then the drive does not exist).


    Useful any time you need to know or change the default drive.

    The source code is written to adhere to Turbo Assembler's IDEAL mode.
    To use another assembler, you will need to rearrange the PROC and
    SEGMENT directives, and also the ENDP and ENDS directives (a very
    minor task).


    cDrive := FT_DEFAULT()  && Get the current drive
    FT_DEFAULT("C")         && Switch to drive C

    IF FT_DEFAULT("E") != "E"
       Qout( "Drive E does not exist!" )


 Author: Ted Means


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