Create .DBF of directory files, using DOS filespec


      FT_DIR2DB( <cSpec> [, <cDbf> ][, <cNtx> ][, <cDrvr> ] ) -> <nErrcode>


     <cSpec> can be any valid DOS file spec., including wildcards and
      single file names.

     <cDbf> is the name of the .DBF to create.  If not specified, the
      name 'FILES' is used.

     <cNtx> is the name of the .NTX to create.  If not specified, no
      index is created.

     <cDrvr> is the name of the Nantucket RDD (replaceable database
      driver) to use.  If not specified, the default, 'DBFNTX', is


     <nErrcode>, which will be one of the following:

        0 - no error
        1 - no file spec. passed
        2 - no files match spec. passed
        3 - network error opening <cDbf>


     FT_DIR2DB() builds a .DBF from and fills it with the files/data
     matching any valid DOS file spec.  Fields created are 'Name',
     'Size', 'Date', 'Time', and 'Attr' (attribute).

     An index on the 'name' field is also created by passing a name
     for the .NTX as a third parameter.  An optional fourth parameter
     accommodates the RDDs (replaceable database drivers) Nantucket


     nVal:= FT_DIR2DB( "*.dbf","dbffiles","filename" )
     Creates DBFFILES.DBF consisting of all .DBFs in the current dir-
     ectory, and also creates FILENAME.NTX.

     nVal:= FT_DIR2DB( "*.*","pdoxdbf","pdoxntx","paradox" )
     would create a Paradox database and index consisting of all files
     in the current directory.

 Source: DIR2DBF.PRG


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