Test for drive and/or subdir on SINGLE-USER systems only.


      FT_EXIST( <cDriveDir> ) -> lResult


     <cDriveDir> is a character string containing drive spec (with colon)
     or drive spec and path to and including subdirectory being tested
     for.  Do not include backslash after subdirectory.  If drive spec
     is not part of string, the current drive is tested.


     <lResult>  as logical -
     .T. if drive exists, or subdirectory exists on specified drive
     .F. if drive or subdirectory does not exist


     FT_Exist() tests for the existence of a drive and/or subdirectory...
     on single-user systems ONLY.  You may get correct results on some
     networks under certain conditions, but this function is not capable
     of working reliably on networks.


    IF FT_EXIST( "D:" )
       Qout("OK To Perform Operation On Drive D:")

 Source: EXIST.PRG



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