FT Keyboard-Mouse

 FT_ALT()         Determine status of the Alt key
 FT_CAPLOCK()     Determine and optionally change the status of CapLock key
 FT_CTRL()        Determine status of the Ctrl key
 FT_LASTKEY()     Force LastKey() to return a programmer-defined value.
 FT_MBUTPRS()     Retrieve button press status
 FT_MBUTREL()     Get mouse button release information
 FT_MCONOFF()     Turn mouse cursur off if in specified region
 FT_MCURSOR()     Set the mouse cursor
 FT_MDBLCLK()     Return true if a double click was detected
 FT_MDEFCRS()     Define the mouse cursor
 FT_MGETCOORD()   Get mouse cursor position (text coord.) and button status
 FT_MGETPAGE()    Get the display page for the mouse pointer
 FT_MGETPOS()     Get mouse cursor position and button status
 FT_MGETSENS()    Get the mouse sensitivity parameters
 FT_MGETX()       Get mouse cursor row position
 FT_MGETY()       Get mouse cursor column position
 FT_MHIDECRS()    Decrement internal mouse cursor flag and hide mouse cursor
 FT_MINIT()       Initialize the mouse driver, vars and return status of mouse
 FT_MINREGION()   Test if the mouse cursor is in the passed region
 FT_MMICKEYS()    Get mickeys
 FT_MRESET()      Reset mouse driver and return status of mouse
 FT_MSETCOORD()   Position the mouse cursor using text screen coordinates
 FT_MSETPAGE()    Set the display page for the mouse pointer
 FT_MSETPOS()     Position the mouse cursor using virtual screen coordinates
 FT_MSETSENS()    Set the mouse sensitivity parameters
 FT_MSHOWCRS()    Increment internal cursor flag and display mouse cursor
 FT_MVERSION()    Get the mouse driver version
 FT_MXLIMIT()     Set vertical bounds of mouse using virtual screen coord.
 FT_MYLIMIT()     Set horiz. bounds of mouse using virtual screen coordinates
 FT_NUMLOCK()     Return status of NumLock key
 FT_PRTSCR()      Enable or disable the Print Screen key
 FT_PUTKEY()      Stuff a keystroke into the keyboard buffer
 FT_SCANCODE()    Wait for keypress and return keyboard scan code
 FT_SETKEYS()     Get array of keys redirected via the SetKey() or SET KEY
 FT_SETRATE()     Set the keyboard delay and repeat rate on PC/AT & PS/2
 FT_SHIFT()       Determine status of shift key
 FT_SINKEY()      Replacement for INKEY() that tests for SET KEY procedures


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