Force LastKey() to return a programmer-defined value.


     FT_LastKey( <nKey> ) -> NIL


    <nKey> is the Inkey() value of the desired key.




    It is occasionally useful to force LastKey() to return a known value.
    This is easily accomplishing by using the KEYBOARD command, but this
    has undesireable side effects (the keyboard buffer is cleared, and
    the keystroke is processed whether you needed it to be or not).  This
    function accomplishes the same task but without the side effects.  It
    does so by directly modifying the memory location where Clipper stores
    the LastKey() value.

    Some highly unorthodox programming techniques, not to mention rather
    strange use of Clipper internals, was necessary to make this function
    work.  If this makes you uncomfortable, then don't use this function,
    you worthless crybaby.


    keyboard chr( K_ESC )

    ? lastkey()  // returns 27

    FT_LastKey( K_F1 )

    ? lastkey()  // now returns 28


 Author: Ted Means


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