Enable or disable the Print Screen key


      FT_PRTSCR( [ <lSetStat> ] ) -> lCurStat


     <lSetStat> set to .T. will enable the Print Screen key,
     .F. will disable it.  If omitted, leaves status as is.


     The current state: .T. if enabled, .F. if disabled.


     This function is valuable if you have a need to disable the
     printscreen key.  It works by fooling the BIOS into thinking that
     a printscreen is already in progress.  The BIOS will then refuse
     to invoke the printscreen handler.


     FT_PRTSCR( .F. )       && Disable the printscreen key
     FT_PRTSCR( .T. )       && Enable the printscreen key
     MemVar := FT_PRTSCR()  && Get the current status

 Source: PRTSCR.C

 Author: Ted Means


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