Replacement for INKEY() that tests for SET KEY procedures


      FT_SINKEY( [ <nWaitTime> ] ) -> nKey


     <nWaitTime> is the number of seconds to wait.  If zero,
     FT_SINKEY() will wait indefinitely for a keypress.  If not
     passed, FT_SINKEY() does not wait for a keypress.  If NIL,
     it is treated the same as 0.


     The INKEY() value of the key pressed.


     FT_SINKEY() is similar to the function provided by Nantucket in
     KEYBOARD.PRG, with one significant difference: you can pass NIL
     to INKEY(), which will be treated as a zero (i.e., wait indefinitely
     for keypress).  Therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between
     an explicit NIL and one that is a result of a formal parameter NOT
     being received.

     FT_SINKEY() differs from the standard INKEY() in that it will
     respond to any keys set with SET KEY TO or SetKey().


     SetKey( K_F1, {|n,l,r| Help(n,l,r) } )
     nKey := FT_SINKEY(0)       // Help() will be called if F1 pressed


 Author: Greg Lief


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