Signal a NetWare semaphore (increment)


      FT_NWSEMSIG( nHandle ) -> nRc


     <nHandle> is the semaphore handle, returned from a previous call
     to FT_NWSEMOPEN().


     nRc, a numeric, as follows

          0 - success
          1 - semaphore overflow ( value > 127 )
        255 - invalid semaphore handle


      Use FT_NWSEMSIG() when your app has finished with the resource
      locked by a semaphore.  This will increase the value (thus
      making a slot available to another app).

      For more information, see the description under FT_NWSEMOPEN().


      QOUT( "Signal returns: " + STR( FT_NWSEMSIG( nHandle ) ) )

 Source: NWSEM.PRG

 Author: Glenn Scott



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