Return the current Novell NetWare User ID


      FT_NWUID( [ <nConnection> ] ) -> cUid


     <nConnection> is a connection number, or logical station number,
     to find a userid for.  Under NetWare 286, this number can be from
     1 to 100.  Under NetWare 386, 1-250.  If not supplied, FT_NWUID()
     defaults to the current connection (i.e., the connection running
     the application).


     A string containing the userid, or "login name."
     The maximum length of this string, as defined by current
     versions of Novell NetWare, is 48 characters.


     FT_NWUID() returns the current NetWare userid, or "login
     name."  This is useful for implementing security or audit
     trail procedures within your programs.

     There is no simple way a user can "fool" this function into
     retrieving an incorrect value, provided a NetWare shell is loaded.

     This function requires FT_INT86() and FT_NWLSTAT()

     This function does NOT test for the existence of the NetWare shell.
     The behavior is undefined if no shell is loaded. You'll usually get
     garbage.  This function has not been tested on NetWare 386.


     QOut( "I am: " + FT_NWUID() )

     FOR x := 1 TO 100
       cUid := FT_NWUID( x )
       IF .NOT Empty( cUid )
         QOut( Str( x, 3 ) + Space(3) + cUid )

 Source: NWUID.PRG

 Author: Glenn Scott


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