Check whether default Novell file server supports TTS


     FT_TTSAVAIL() -> nResult




       0 - TTS unavailable or not supported.
       1 - TTS is installed and available.
     253 - TTS is disabled.


   This routine is used to check the default NetWare file server for TTS
   availability.  You must have Novell NetWare SFT Level II or above to
   use these functions.  Using these functions on a non SFT II file server
   will return unsuccessful values.  You must have TTS installed on your
   file server.

   This routine was designed and written for Novell Advanced NetWare 2.15
   SFT Level II and Novell NetWare 386 v 3.0 and above.

   This source code was written for Microsoft Macro Assembler v5.1.


   IF FT_TTSAVAIL() == 1   // If TTS is available
     FT_TTSBEGIN()         // Begin transaction

 Source: NWTTS1.ASM

 Author: James R. Zack


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