FT NetWare

 FT_ENDCAP()      Cancel a specific NetWare print queue capture
 FT_LOGOUT()      Logout from all currently connected NetWare file servers
 FT_NOVDMP2()     Determine Novell server's dynamic memory area 2 availability
 FT_NOVPURGE()    Purge all deleted files on a Novell server
 FT_NWLSTAT()     Return the current Novell NetWare logical station number
 FT_NWSEMCLOSE()  Close a NetWare semaphore
 FT_NWSEMEX()     Examine a NetWare semaphore's value and open count
 FT_NWSEMLOCK()   Perform a semaphore "lock"
 FT_NWSEMOPEN()   Open or create a NetWare semaphore
 FT_NWSEMSIG()    Signal a NetWare semaphore (increment)
 FT_NWSEMUNLOCK() "Unlock" a semaphore locked by FT_NWSEMLOCK()
 FT_NWSEMWAIT()   Wait on a NetWare semaphore (decrement)
 FT_NWUID()       Return the current Novell NetWare User ID
 FT_PFLUSH()      Flush a NetWare capture buffer
 FT_TTSABORT()    Abort explicit and implicit NetWare TTS transactions
 FT_TTSAVAIL()    Check whether default Novell file server supports TTS
 FT_TTSBEGIN()    Begin explicit transaction under NetWare's TTS
 FT_TTSEND()      End explicit or implicit transaction under NetWare's TTS
 FT_TTSSTAT()     Verify if TTS transaction has been written to disk