DUPHANDLE() Duplicate record finder with delete/copy options



  DUPHANDLE() is similiar to DUPLOOK(), but takes a
  different approach The user is asked to select fields (only
  Character fields are presented) to check for duplication. The
  fields selected are combined into an index key, and an index is
  created. The database is then scanned for duplicates. If a
  duplicate set is found, a Tbrowse/tag window is popped up, and
  the user is asked to tag records. This continues until all
  duplicate sets are found, or the user chooses to quit the
  process. The user is then allowed to Process the tagged
  duplicate records. There are 4 possible options:

         Delete all tagged records
         Delete all NOT tagged records
         Copy all tagged records
         Copy all NOT tagged records

  The options are not mutually exclusive. For instance,
  you could copy all tagged records to a history file, and then
  delete them.

  As with all SuperLib deletions, the PACKING is left
  to you.

  [aFields,aDesc] are optional arrays of fieldnames and
  field descriptions

  [aOpenIndexes] is an optional array of currently open
  index names. Clipper has no way to determine the names of
  currently open indexes and, since this function creates
  temporary indexes, the current indexes will be closed. Only by
  having a list [aOpenIndexes] can we re-open the indexes on exit.


  USE customer


  Closes all indexes.



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