GENREADER() Creates specialized user defined get reader block

  <bReader> => get reader block for GET


  Creates a get reader block that first passes control
  to code block <bBlock> for each keypress. <bBlock> is passed
  the following values:

       1. lastkey() value
       2. proc name
       3. var name
       4. current get value

  If <bBlock> returns any value but a Nil, the get is
  assigned this value. If a Nil is returned, and <lPass> is True,
  then the key is passed to the regular get handler.

  Implement by using the SEND keyword for your
  @Say..Get.. statements.

    @10,10 say blah get blahblah SEND reader:=GENREADER(bBlock,lPass)

  Or simply refer to the last get added with ATAIL(getlist)

    @10,10 say blah get blahlblah
    ATAIL(getlist):reader := GENREADER(bBlock,lPass)

   // while in the get V1, you will be able to type 1, 2 or 3
   // to get a value from the array

   aValues := {"Section 1","Section 2","Section 3"}
   bBlock  := ;
        {  | k|  iif( (nAtk:=at(chr(k),"123")) >  0,aValues[nAtk],nil)  }

   v1 := "Section 1"
   @10,10 get v1 send reader := genreader(bBlock)



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