MCHOICE() Does a boxed, achoice() style popup on an array

  <expN> Achoice selection


  Provides a box for selection from array <aOptions> of
  character elements.

  [nTop,nLeft] may be specifed to determine the
  starting top and left of the popup box.

  [nBottom,nRight] may be specified to complete the box

  Default box dimensions are centered on the screen. If the dimensions
  passed are not wide enough to display the mouse hot areas on the
  bottom, the box is widened and centered on the screen.

  [cTitle] is a string to display at the top of the box.

  [lTrigger] determines (yes or no) whether a return is
  to be executed on a first letter match.(default .f.)

  [nStart] optional starting element (default 1)
  [@nRow] optional starting row. Pass by reference to retain value
  between calls.

  [aSelectable] is an array of logicals that determines which items
  are selectable. This array must be the same size as [aOptions], and
  all elements must be either True or False, not NIL. Where an element
  is False, the corresponding element in [aOptions] will be dimmed
  and will emit a BEEP when you attempt to select it.

   aMeals   := {"Pizza","Chicken","Chinese"}
   nSelect  := mchoice(aMeals)

   // or box with title
   aMeals   := {"Pizza","Chicken","Chinese"}
   nSelect  := mchoice(aMeals,,,,"Meals")

   // or box with title, first letter match = return and top/left specified
   aMeals   := {"Pizza","Chicken","Chinese"}
   nSelect  := mchoice(aMeals,10,10,,,"Meals",.t.)

   //to retain element and position between calls
   nSelect := 1
   nRow    := 1
   aMeals   := {"Pizza","Chicken","Chinese"}
   while nSelect > 0
     nSelect  := mchoice(aMeals,,,,,"Meals",.t.,nSelect,@nRow)
     // code

  Bottom of window adjusts (shrinks) to adjust to array
  size if needed.

  Now uses Tbrowse() instead of ACHOICE().



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