POPUPDIR() Popup of a given directory for file selection

  <cFileName> => name of the file selected


  Displays a popup of the directory specified, for
  selection of a file.

  The name of the file selected is returned. You may
  indicate optional file viewing.

  [cSpec] specifies the drive, directory and file

  Wildcards are allowed. Default is "*.*", current
  drive, current dir.

  [cAttrib] is a string containing file attribute
  symbols for inclusion of special file types. The symbols are:

     H                     Include hidden files
     S                     Include system files
     D                     Include directories
     V                     Search for the DOS volume label and exclude
                           all other files

  [cTitle] a string to be displayed on the top of the
  popup box. Default is

  "Directory Viewer"

  [cColor] color of the box. Default is sls_normcol()

  [lAllowView]  if True, allows Alt-V to view the
  currently highlited file. A DBF is browsed, a text file is viewed with

  Default is False.

   cFileName := POPUPDIR("c:\windows\*.INI",nil,nil,nil,.t.)




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