SEARCHME() Search a DBF with user-specified criteria

  <bSearch> -> The code block used to do the search


  Searches the current dbf with criteria given

  by the user.

       for :    Field Contents Match
                Query match  --->> calls QUERY()
                End of file
                Beginning of File
                Deleted Records
                Memo contents

  On subsequent calls, if the previous search resulted
  in a FOUND(), a box asking "Continue..", "New Search" will pop up.
  If CONTINUE is selected, a continuation of the last search is

  Three arrays may be passed for FIELDS [aFields],
  FIELD TYPES [aFieldTypes], and FIELD LENGTHS [aFieldLengths].

  An additional (optional) array of field descriptions may be passed

  Default is all fields, field names as descriptions.

  Searchme() actually returns the code block used to do the
  search. Normally you would want to ignore this. I use it in
  TAGIT() - if the code block is not NIL, then I can 'tag all
  matching' with it.




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