SGETMANY()    Virtual (scrolling)  gets in a popup box

  <lSave> => False if ESC pressed, true otherwise


  READs a series of GETs in a popup box, with the
  ability to scroll the GETs up/down when there are more GETs than fit in
  the box.

  <aGets> is an array of get objects. There are two
  ways to create this:

      1.    Use GETNEW() (the Clipper function) to create each
            individual get object. Get row and column do not
            matter - they will be adjusted.

            GET postblock and preblock (valid and when)
            may be assigned as normal. As each new GET object is created,
            add it to an array.

            Pass this array as <aGets>.

      2.    Use the normal @row,col GET... commands, but to a
            location off the screen - otherwise the gets will DISPLAY
            as you are assigning them.

            @MAXROW()+1,MAXCOL()+1 GET... works for me.

  Using @...GET automatically places new get
  objects in the global array GETLIST. Pass GETLIST as <aGets>.

  <aDesc> this is an array of descriptions for each
  get. (the SAY portion). These will be displayed to the left of
  the get.

  <nTop,nLeft,nBottom,nRight> are the dimensions of the
  popup box. The Editing area will be the inside dimensions of this
  box. Make sure there's room!

  [cTitle] is a string to be used for the title.
  Displayed at <nTop>,<nLeft>+1

  [cFoot] is now ignored. This parameter used to be the footer. It
  is now just a placeholder for downward compatibility.

  [nPadding] is for the number of spaces of padding
  between the box frame and the editing area. The default is 0,
  which places the editing area at
  nTop+1,nLeft+1,nBottom-1,nRight-1. A [nPadding] of 1 would place
  the editing area at nTop+2,nLeft+2,nBottom-2,nRight-2 etc.


   local i
   local aDesc := {}
   local aGets
   aGets := dbf2array()

   for i = 1 to len(aGets)
     @maxrow()+1,maxcol()+1 get aGets[i]

         "Editing","ESC quits, F10 saves",1)

  Do not pass a 0 length string as a GET



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