SMALLWHEN() Uses SMALLS() in a WHEN condition for a GET

  lValid  => logical value


  Uses SMALLS() in a WHEN condition for a GET. See
  SMALLS() for description of parameters <expDisplayString>
  through [bException]

  [lShowOnUp] If False (the default), smalls is not
  called when going backwards through the read (up arrow, etc), only when
  going forward.

  [lReturn]   This is simply the value to return. The
  default is False, which means the get is never 'edited'. A value
  of True means the smalls() lookup is done, and then the get is edited.

   @3,0 GET V3 WHEN ;

   // This will pop up a smalls() lookup table when going forward
   // through the gets. If RETURN is pressed, the current GET is fed
   // or assigned the lookup value. (depends on value of <expReturn>)
   // A False is returned, so the GET is not actually edited. The new
   // value is displayed, and the next get is made active.

  See Smalls() for a complete parameter description.



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