TAGMARRAY() Tag elements in muti-dimensioned array

  <aTagged> => an array of numbers representing the
  tagged elements


  A popup which allows tagging/untagging of elements in
  <aArray>, which is a multi-dimmed array of the format
  {array(n),array(n)} such as is returned by DIRECTORY() or DBSTRUCT().

    SPACE   = Tag/Untag
    F10     = Done
    ESC     = Abort
    ALT-A   = Tag All
    ALT-U   = Untag All
    ALT-S   = Swap Tagged/untagged

  The return value <aTagged> is an array of integer
  values representing the offsets into the original array <aArray> which
  were tagged.

  [cTitle] is a string to be used as the box title

  [cMark]  is the tag character. Default is chr(251) - checkmark

  [aTags]  is an array of logicals the same length as
  <aArray>. This allows pre-tagging. You may also use this
  array on return from the function. The (.T.) elements
  correspond to the tagged elements in <aArray>.

  [aHeads] is an array for the column titles for each
  subarray element in <aArray>, and needs to be the same length
  as a subarray of <aArray>

   aDir  := directory()

   aCols := {"File","Size","Date","Time","Attribute"}

   aCopy := tagmarray(aDir,"Select Files for copying",nil,nil,aCols)

   for i = 1 to len(aCopy)

     COPY FILE (aDir[aCopy[i],1 ]) TO (cDestination)


  Coded by Matthew Maier - thanks.



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