SP Environment Functions

SETEXACT()     Determines if exact is on/off
GETDFP()       Gets SET DEFAULT path
ISLOADED()     Determines  function is loaded or not
RESTSETKEYS()  Restores  set keys saved with SAVESETKEYS()
SAVESETKEYS()  Saves all active set keys to an array, optionally
               clearing them
PRNPORT()      Determine Printer Port to use

SP Date Functions

 DATECALC()     Adds/subtracts days,weeks,months,years to a date
 DTOW()         Converts date to words
 STOD()         Returns date from string in the form YYYYMMDD
 WOYEAR()       Calculates week of the year (# of 7 day periods)
 DTDIFF()       Returns difference between dates
 DAYSIN()       Calculates number of days in a month
 BOYEAR()       Determine beginning of year a date falls in
 BOM()          Calculates beginning of the month date
 DOYEAR()       Calculates day of the year from date
 SETCENT()      Determines if century is on/off
 WOMONTH()      Calculates week of the month (# of 7 day periods)
 BEGEND()       Determines beginning or end of week,month or quarter
 SET_DATE()     Sets and restores date format