SP Get system Functions

 SMALLKCLR()    Clears GET-HOTKEY lookup combinations set up with SMALLKSET()
 POPUPKCLR()    Clears GET hotkey popups set up with POPUPKSET()
 PMREADER()     Creates specialized PLUS/MINUS get reader block
 SMALLKSET()    Sets up GET-HOTKEY lookup combinations using SMALLS()
 PICKREADER()   Creates specialized picklist reader block
 POPUPWHEN()    Allows use of a popup for a GET WHEN clause
 POPUPKSET()    Set a popup for hotkey access from a GET, with autoassignment
 POPUPVALID()   Allows use of a popup for a GET VALID clause
 CALENDVALID()  Uses GETDATE() popup calendar function as a GET VALID clause
 CALCKCLR()     Clears hot keys set by CALCKSET()
 CALCKSET()     Allows use of GETCALC() calculator in GETS
 SMALLWHEN()    Uses SMALLS() in a WHEN condition for a GET
 CALENDWHEN()   Uses GETDATE() function as a GET WHEN clause
 CALCWHEN()     Uses GETCALC() calculator function as a GET WHEN clause
 SMALLVALID()   Uses SMALLS() in a VALID condition for a GET
 CALCVALID()    Uses GETCALC() calculator function as a GET VALID clause
 RAT_READ()     Mouseable read
 GENVAL()       Generic VALID clause validation with message
 GENREADER()    Creates specialized user defined get reader block
 GETAKEY()      Gets intent of last keystroke
 SBREADER()     Creates specialized spacebar spinner get reader block
 ED_G_PIC()     Returns appropriate picture for getting a field
 CALENDKSET()   Allows use of GETDATE() calendar in GETS
 YNREADER()     Creates specialized Yes/No get reader block
 CALENDKCLR()   Clears hot keys set up by CALENDKSET()


SP File Functions

 STRIP_PATH()   Strip path and optionally extension from a filespec
 ISVALFILE()    Checks a file name for validity
 FMOVE2PRIOR()  Moves to beginning of previous CRLF delimited line in
                a text file
 FMOVE2NEXT()   Move to beginning of next line in a text file
 FILEINFO()     Returns file date,time,size
 NKEY()         Gets key of an index file
 SFREADLINE()   Reads in text up to the next CRLF in a text file
 WRITEFILE()    Writes a line or lines  to a text file


SP Expression Functions

 FIELDLENX()    Returns length of field
 EXPBLOCK()     Returns a codeblock to evaluate an expresson
 FIELDTYPEX()   Returns type of field
 FIELDPOSX()    Returns position of field named in expression
 FIELDDECX()    Returns decimals of field
 PARSFIELD()    Exracts the name of the field from an expression
 BLANKREC()     Blanks out a record
 PARSALIAS()    Exracts the name of the alias from an expression
 WORKBLOCK()    Returns a set-get block for field named in an expression
 BLANKFIELD()   Returns a blank value corresponding to a field
 ISBLANKREC()   Determines if a record is blank
 ISFIELD()      Determines if an expression is the name of a field
 ISTHISAREA()   Determines if expression is the name of a field in this area

SP Event Functions

 RAT_EVENT()    Event handler - inkey() with mouse awareness
 RAT_ERBHD()    Determines if right mouse button is held down
 RAT_ISMOUSE()  Determines mouse usage by RAT_EVENT()
 RAT_ELBHD()    Determines if left mouse button is held down
 RAT_EQMCOL()   Returns mouse column at last press
 RAT_EQMROW()   Returns mouse row at last press
 IFMOUSEHD()    Checks if mouse held down,evals codeblock while it is
 ISMOUSEAT()    Checks for mouse click within passed coordinates
 MBRZCLICK()    Checks for mouse click on current Tbrowse row/col
 MBRZMOVE()     Checks for mouse click at and moves to Tbrowse row/col
 MOUSEHOTAT()   Checks for mouse click from array of hot coordinates
 RAT_LASTEV()   Returns the last event recorded by RAT_EVENT()
 R_ISRATREAD()  Determines if RAT_READ() is current get system