SP Metafunctions

 SEARCHME()     Search a DBF with user-specified criteria
 SCONVDELIM()   Convert a delimited file to a DBF
 SEXPORT()      Export DBF to delimited or SDF files
 BLDNDX()       Interactively create a new index
 APPENDIT()     Intelligent APPEND FROM replacement
 REPORTER()     Create, modify, execute reports
 BROWSESDF()    Tbrowse an SDF file
 VIEWPORT()     Multi-optional data entry engine
 BUILDEX()      Interactively builds and returns an expression string
 WGT_MEAS()     A Weights and Measures conversion metafunction
 BROWSEDELIM()  Tbrowse a delimited file
 SAPPOINT()     Appointments manager - uses popup calendar.
 QUERY()        Popup Interactive query by example condition builder
 FASTFORM()     Prints a selected formletter for current record
 EDITDB()       Customized database browser with edit/add/search
 SUPERSUPER()   Datafile management proc - uses all applicable
 GLOBREP()      Performs global selective replace of a field
 GENED()        Generic dbf editing screen
 MODIFY()       Create or modify DBF structures
 FULLDIR()      Interactively navigate directories
 LISTER()       Build, format,print lists to printer,screen,file
 DBSTATS()      Statistical report on current dbf,
 SUM_AVE()      Interactive sum or average on a dbf field
 DUPLOOK()      Locates possible duplicates based on user criteria
 DUPHANDLE()    Duplicate record finder with delete/copy options
 COPYITOUT()    Copies records to a new DBF
 TIMEPER()      Time Period (date sensitive) DBF analysis
 FILEREAD()     Lists a text file of unlimited size
 TODOLIST()     Simple todo list manager
 CLABEL()       Menu driven module for label management
 SMAILMERGE()   Creates mailmerge files for WordPerfect & MS Word
 TAGIT()        Tag records in a dbf for later action
 COPYFIELDS()   Copies selected fields of selected records to new dbf
 FORMLETR()     Interactive formletter and mailmerge utility
 FREQANAL()     Performs a frequency analysis on a DBF
 FORMULATE()    Builds a free-form formula or User Defined Field