SP String Functions

 SUBPLUS()      Returns multiple substrings
 STRPULL()      Extract text between 2 characters
 TAKEOUT()      Extract a portion of a string between delimiters at
                nth occurrance
 CRUNCH()       Moves spaces in a string to end of string
 ADDSPACE()     Pads right of string with spaces
 ARRANGE()      Rearranges text in a string
 CENTR()        Centers a string in x spaces
 _WILDCARD()    Wild Card String Compare
 ALLBUT()       Returns all but last x characters
 STRETCH()      Imbeds characters in a string
 LJUST()        Left justifies a string
 STARTSW()      Determines if a string starts with another string
 VAR2CHAR()     Converts any type variable to character type
 RJUST()        Right justifies a string
 PROPER()       Capitalizes first letters of string, lowers rest

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