SP Color Implementation

 This is not the perfect color scheme. It is the one
 this library runs on. The color scheme relates to SuperLib functions,
 and will not affect your other color usage.

 Basically, when a SuperLib metafunction is called, it
 will usually have a main screen, a menu, and a number of popups
 and other attached screens. Rather than have a burned-in color
 set, or use SETCOLOR() as the default, SuperLib has a dynamic
 color scheme, which may be changed and stored by both the
 programmer and the end-user.

 Several global color settings are used by SuperLib
 functions. The settings are accessed and set via a set of
 functions calls, which themselves access a set of STATIC
 variables. The functions are:

   <cSetting> := sls_normcol([cNew])      For normal output
   <cSetting> := sls_normmenu([cNew])     For normal 'menu to'
   <cSetting> := sls_popcol([cNew])       For popup  box colors
   <cSetting> := sls_popmenu([cNew])      For popup box menus
   <cSetting> := sls_frame([cNew])        Frame string
   <nSetting> := sls_shadatt([nNew])      Shadow color attribute
   <nSetting> := sls_shadpos([nNew])      Shadow  position
                 (0,1,3,7,9) to match the numeric keypad
   <lSetting> := sls_xplode([lNew])       Logical - explode

 All colors are of the format "fg/bg,fg/bg,,,fg/bg"

 (fg-foreground bg-background) except for shadow
 attribute, which is numeric.

 By default, a monochrome set of colors is used. You
 may call the function SATTCOLOR() to make the 'color' colors the

 The function SETCOLORS() allows interactive setting
 of these colors. The variables are stored in COLORS.DBF, which
 contains multiple sets of colors.

 You may override the Clipper ISCOLOR() by
 initializing another setting accessed via the function
 SLS_ISCOLOR(), and setting it to True or False. This is helpful
 in instances where ISCOLOR() sees a color card with a monochrome
 monitor, or some such combination.

 If you are upgrading from 2.50 or previous, see
 "Upgrading" in the appendix.


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