Superlib and Harbour

* $Id: readme.txt 11505 2009-06-23 17:11:04Z vszakats $

1.) Download original sources of SuperLib 3.5 from this page:
Direct link:

2.) Unpack it:

3.) *nix users will need to convert original filenames to lowercase
and EOLs to native format, using these commands:
hbformat -lFCaseLow=yes -nEol=0 -lIndent=no -lCase=no -lSpaces=no “*.c”
hbformat -lFCaseLow=yes -nEol=0 -lIndent=no -lCase=no -lSpaces=no “*.prg”

4.) Apply supplied patch to the source using GNU Patch:
patch -lNi superlib.dif

5.) Build it:
hbmk2 superlib.hbp

6.) You’re done.

7.) Finally, to build an application with SuperLib, use:
hbmk2 myapp.prg superlib.hbc


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