Harbour Docs Copyrights

Harbour Documentation Copyrights
The following parts are Copyright of the individual authors.
Harbour Web Site 
 Copyright 1999-2001 Viktor Szakats (harbour syenar.net)
 Documentation for: hb_ColorIndex()
 Copyright 1999 Jose Lalin <dezac@corevia.com>
 Documentation for: __Wait(), __Input()
 Copyright 1999-2000 Chen Kedem <niki@actcom.co.il>
 Documentation for: Alert(), __NoNoAlert(), OutStd(), OutErr(),
 __XSaveScreen(), SAVE SCREEN, __XRestScreen(),
 RESTORE SCREEN, __TextSave(), __TextRestore()
 Copyright 1999 David G. Holm <dholm@jsd-llc.com>
 Documentation for: DevOutPict()
 Copyright 2000 Luiz Rafael Culik <culik@sl.conex.net>
 Documentation for: EJECT, MaxRow(), MaxCol(), Row(), Col(), PRow(), PCol()
 See COPYING.txt for licensing terms.

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