Create a new TBrowse object to be used with database file


      TBrowseDB( [<nTop>],  [<nLeft>],  [<nBottom>],  [<nRight>] ) --> oBrowse


<nTop> coordinate for top row display.

<nLeft> coordinate for left column display.

<nBottom> coordinate for bottom row display.

<nRight> coordinate for right column display.


TBrowseDB() return new TBrowse object with the specified coordinate and a default :SkipBlock, :GoTopBlock and :GoBottomBlock to browse a database file.


TBrowseDB() is a quick way to create a TBrowse object along with the minimal support needed to browse a database. Note that the returned TBrowse object contain no TBColumn objects and you need to add column for each field by your self.


    For a good example, look at the source code for Browse() function at src/rtl/browse.prg




Library is core


Browse(), TBColumn class, TBrowse class, TBrowseNew()

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