Get the amount of space available on a disk


      HB_DISKSPACE( [<cDrive>] [, <nType>] ) --> nDiskbytes


<cDrive> The drive letter you are requesting info on. The default is A:

<nType> The type of space being requested. The default is HB_DISK_AVAIL.


<nDiskBytes> The number of bytes on the requested disk that match the requested type.


By default, this function will return the number of bytes of free space on the current drive that is available to the user requesting the information.

There are 4 types of information available:

HB_FS_AVAIL The amount of space available to the user making the request. This value could be less than HB_FS_FREE if disk quotas are supported by the O/S in use at runtime, and disk quotas are in effect. Otherwise, the value will be equal to that returned for HB_FS_FREE.

HB_FS_FREE The actual amount of free diskspace on the drive.

HB_FS_USED The number of bytes in use on the disk.

HB_FS_TOTAL The total amount of space allocated for the user if disk quotas are in effect, otherwise, the actual size of the drive.

If information is requested on a disk that is not available, a runtime error 2018 will be raised.


      #include "fileio.ch"
      ? "You can use : " + hb_ntos( hb_DiskSpace() ) + " bytes " +;
        "Out of a total of " + hb_ntos( hb_DiskSpace( "C:", HB_FS_TOTAL ) )

      Note: See tests\tstdspac.prg for another example




DOS, Win, OS2, Unix


Library is rtl Header is fileio.ch

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