Harbour Extensions

Harbour Extensions

Harbour Extensions


Language extensions:

* Class generation and management.

CA-Cl*pper only allowed creation of objects from a few standard classes.

In Harbour, you can create your own classes–complete with Methods, Instance Variables, Class Variables and Inheritance. Entire applications can be designed and coded in Object Oriented style.

* @<FunctionName>()

Returns the pointer (address) to a function.

The returned value is not useful to application-level programming, but is used at a low level to implement object oriented coding. (Internally, a class method is a static function and there is no symbol for it, so it is accessed via its address).

* Class HBGetList

Object oriented support for GetLists management.

* ProcName() support for class Method names.

Class Methods can be retrieved from the call stack.

* Memory() has new return values.

See hbmemory.ch

* Transform() –> new function in format string

@0 Make a zero padded string out of the number.

* SToD() –> dDate

New function that converts a yyyymmdd string to a Date value.

* Optional Compile Time STRONG TYPE declaration (and compile time TYPE MISMATCH warnings)

Example: LOCAL/STATIC Var AS …

* The Harbour debugger provides new interesting classes:

– Class TDbWindow could be the foundation for a generic multiplatform

– Class TForm

– Class TDbMenu implement both pulldown and popup menus.

RTL enhanced functionality:

– Directory( <cMask>, <cFlags>, <lEightDotThree> )

The 3rd parameter is a Harbour (optional) parameter and indicates that on those platforms that support long filenames, that you wish to receive what would be considered the dos equivalant 8.3 name. Could affect Adir() and Dir if they were modified to take advantage of it – currently, they will return long names if the os supports it.

– HB_DiskSpace( <nDrive>, <nType> )

The second parameter is a Harbour (optional) parameter and indicates the type of diskinfo being requested. See en/diskspac.txt for info.


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