Calls a procedure or a function


      DO( <xFuncProc> [, <xArguments...>] ) --> <xRetVal>


<xFuncProc> = Either a string with a function/procedure name to be called or a codeblock to evaluate.

<xArguments> = arguments passed to a called function/procedure or to a codeblock.


<xRetVal> A value that was returned from called function.


This function can be called either by the harbour compiler or by user. The compiler always passes the item of IT_SYMBOL type that stores the name of procedure specified in DO <proc> WITH … statement.

If called procedure/function doesn’t exist then a runtime error is generated.

This function can be used as replacement of macro operator. It is also used internally to implement DO <proc> WITH <args…> In this case <xFuncProc> is of type HB_SYMB.


      cbCode := {| x | MyFunc( x ) }
      Do( cbCode, 1 )

      cFunction := "MyFunc"
      xRetVal := Do( cFunction, 2 )

      // Old style (slower):
      DO &cFunction WITH 3




Library is rtl

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