Get the last math lib error


      C Prototype

      #include "hbmath.h"
      hb_mathGetLastError( HB_MATH_EXCEPTION * phb_exc )
                          --> int iMathErrorType


phb_exc pointer to HB_MATH_EXCEPTION structure, if not NULL, the structure will be filled with information about the last math error:

           typedef struct _HB_MATH_EXCEPTION {
             int type;        // Math error type,  is one of the constants
                              // HB_MATH_ERR_xxx defined in hbmath.ch
             char *funcname;  // Pointer to name of the math C RTL routine
                              // that caused the error.
             char *error;     // Pointer to error description.
             double arg1;     // First and
             double arg2;     // Second double argument to the math routine.
             double retval;   // Corrected return value for the math routine.
             int retvalwidth; // Width and
             int retvaldec;   // Decimals of the corrected return value, 
                              // both default to -1
             int handled;     // 1,  if the math error is already corrected, 
                              // 0 otherwise.
          } HB_MATH_EXCEPTION;






Header file is hbmath.h
Library is core



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