Harbour Macro compiler

Invoking the macro compiler:

      &( expression )               


The Harbour Macro Compiler offers 2 additional layers of functionality controlled by means of hb_SetMacro()* function, not available in CA-Cl*pper.

hb_SetMacro( HB_SM_HARBOUR, .T. ) will enable macro compilation and evaluation of complex expressions not supported by CA-Cl*pper like:

- exp++, exp--, var += exp, (exp), etc..
- Nested codeblocks.
- Expressions longer then 254 characters.

hb_SetMacro( HB_SM_XBASE, .T. ) will enable macro compilation and evaluation of comma separated lists in all contexts where lists are acceptable by CA-Cl*pper*, including:

- { &cMacro } // Literal array elements list.
- SomeArray[ &cMacro ] // Array index list.
- SomeFun( &cMacro ) // Arguments list.
- ( &cMacro ) // parenthesized list expression.

*CA-Cl*pper only supports list macros within codeblocks context.

Both these extra layers are activated by default.

* See also -k Compiler switch.



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