Date & Time Functions

Date & Time Functions

ADays Returns an array with the days names
AddMonth Adds or subtracts months to/from a date
AMonths Returns an array with the months names
BOM Beginning date Of Month of given date
BOQ Date of beginning Of quarter containing given date
BOY Date to find first day of year, default is DATE()
CDoW Converts a date to the day of week
CMonth Return the name of the month
CToD Converts a character string to a date expression
CToDoW Convert name of day of the week to its ordinal number
CToMonth Convert name of month to its ordinal number
Date Return the Current OS Date
Day Return the numeric day of the month
Days Convert elapsed seconds into days
DaysInMonth Returns the number of days in month
DaysToMonth Total number of days from first of Jan to beginning of nMonth
DMY Returns the date as a string in DD Month YY format
DoW Value for the day of week
DOY Determines the day of the year for a specific date
DToC Date to character conversion
DToS Date to string conversion
ElapTime Calculates elapted time
EOM End Of Month
EOQ Date of end of quarter
EOY Last date Of Year
IsLeap Tests if a specific year is a leap year
IsLeapYear Checks if the given date is a leap year
LastDayOM Determines the number of days in a month
MDY Returns the date as a string in Month DD, YY or Month DD, YYYY
Month Converts a date expression to a month value
NToCDoW Find day name by num of day
NToCMonth Find a month name by the number of month
Quarter Returns a number equal to the quarter in which a date falls
Seconds Returns the number of elapsed seconds past midnight
Secs Return the number of seconds from the system date
SecToTime Converts seconds into a time string
Time Returns the system time as a string
TimeValid Determines whether a specified time is valid
TimeToSec Calculates the seconds since midnight
WaitPeriod Pauses a specified time in increments of 1/100 seconds
Week Returns the calendar week a number
WOY Gets the week number of the year
Year Converts the year portion of a date into a numeric value

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