Displays labels to the screen or an alternate device


      LABEL FORM <cLabelName> [TO PRINTER] [TO FILE <cFile>] [<cScope>]
                 [WHILE <bWhile> ] [FOR <bFor> ] [SAMPLE] [NOCONSOLE]


<cLabelName> Name of label file <cFile> Name of an alternate file <cScope> Expression of a scoping condition <bWhile> WHILE condition <bFor> FOR condition


This command allows labels to be printed based on the format outlined in LBL file specified as <cLabelName>. By default, output will go to the screen however this output may be rerouted with either the TO PRINTER or the TO FILE clause.

If the TO FILE clause is specified, the name of the ASCII text file containing the generated labels will be <cFile>.

If no file extension is specified a .txt extension is added. <cScope> is the scope condition for this command. Valid scopes include NEXT <expN> (number of records to be displayed, where <expN> is the number of records), RECORD <expN> (a specific record to be printed), REST (all records starting from the current record position, and ALL (all records). The default is ALL.

Both logical expression may work ill conjunction with one another where <bFor> is the logical expression for the FOR condition (for records to be displayed whitin a given value range) and <bWhile> for the WHILE condition (for records to be displayed until they fail to meet the condition).

If the SAMPLE clause is specified, test labels will be generated.

If the NOCONSOLE clause is specified, the console will be turned off while this command is being executed.

This command follows the search criteria outlined in the SET PATH TO command. The path may be specified, along, with (the drive letter, in <cLabelName>


      PROCEDURE Main()
         USE test NEW
         LABEL FORM EE






Library is rtl



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