Return variable name of current GET or MENU


      READVAR( [<cVarName>] ) --> cOldVarName


<cVarName> is a new variable name to set.


READVAR() return the old variable name. If no variable previously was set, READVAR() return “”.


READVAR() is set inside a READ or MENU TO command to hold the uppercase name of the GET / MENU TO variable, and re-set back to old value when those commands finished. You should not normally set a variable name but rather use it to retrieve the name of a GET variable when executing a VALID or WHEN clause, or during SET KEY execution and you are inside a READ or MENU TO.


      // display a menu, press F1 to view the MENU TO variable name
      @ 1, 10 PROMPT "blood sucking insect that infect beds   "
      @ 2, 10 PROMPT "germ; virus infection                   "
      @ 3, 10 PROMPT "defect; snag; (source of) malfunctioning"
      @ 4, 10 PROMPT "small hidden microphone                 "
      @ 6, 10 SAY "(Press F1 for a hint)"
      SET KEY 28 TO ShowVar
      MENU TO What_Is_Bug

      PROCEDURE ShowVar
         Alert( ReadVar() )     // WHAT_IS_BUG in red ALERT() box


READVAR() works exactly like CA-Cl*pper’s READKEY().

Note however, that the <cVarName> parameter is not documented and used internally by CA-Cl*pper.




Library is rtl


@…GET, @…PROMPT, MENU TO, READ, SET KEY, __AtPrompt(), __MenuTo()

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