Display a report


      REPORT FORM <cReportName> [TO PRINTER] [TO FILE <cFile>] [<cScope>]
                  [WHILE <bWhile> ] [FOR <bFor> ]
                  [PLAIN |HEADING <cHeading>] [NOEJECT] [SUMMARY]


<cReportName> Name of report file

<cFile> Name of alternate file

<cScope> Scope.

<bWhile> Logical expression of WHILE condition .

<bFor> Logical expression of FOR condition.

<cHeading> Report heading


This command prints out the report named <cReportName>, which is a standard FRM file. The file extension is not required because .frm will be assumed. The SET PATH TO and SET DEFAULT TO commands affect the search for the file <cReportName>; unless a drive and path are specified in <cReportName>, REPORT will search the path specified in the SET PATH command if it cannot find the report form in the current directory.

The output of the report will be offset based on the setting of the SET MARGIN TO value.

By default, output will go to the console; however, it may be controlled via either the TO PRINTER or TO FILE clause. If the output is to go to the file, the name of the alternate file is specified in <cFile>. Unless specified in <cFile>, the default file extension will be TXT.

<cScope> is the scope for this command. Valid scopes include NEXT <expN> (where <expN> is the number of records), RECORD <expN> (a specific record to be displayed), REST (all records from the current record position), and ALL (all records). The default is ALL.

Both logical expressions may work in conjuntion with one another, where <bFor> is the logical expression for the FOR condition (for records to be displayed within a given range) and <bWhile> for the WHILE condition (for records to be displayed until the condition fails).

If the PLAIN clause is specified, date and page numbers are suppressed. In addition, there is no automatic page breaking, and the report title and column headings appear only once at the top of the form.

If the HEADING clause is used, <cHeading> is displayed on the first title of each report page. The value of <cHeading> is evaluated only once before executing the report; varying the values of <cHeading> is not allowed. The PLAIN clause will take precedence over the HEADING clause if both are included.

If the NOEJECT clause is used, the initial page eject on the report will not be issued when the output clause TO PRINTER is specified. Otherwise, this clause has no effect.

If the SUMMARY Clause is specified, the report will contain only groups, subgroups, and grand total information. The detailed title item information will be ignored.

If the NOCONSOLE clause is specified, output to the console will be turned off while this command is being executed.


      PROCEDURE Main()
         USE test NEW






Library is rtl




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