Variable Management Functions

Variable Management

FieldBlock Return a code block that sets/gets a value for a given field
FieldWBlock Return a sets/gets code block for field in a given work area
HB_AParams Returns an array containing values of all parameters passed to a function, method or procedure
HB_ArgC Returns the number of command line arguments
HB_ArgCheck Checks existence of an internal switch on the command line
HB_ArgShift Updates HB_Arg* parameter list removing the 1-st one and replacing it by others
HB_ArgString Retrieves the vale of an internal switch set on the command line.
HB_ArgV Retrieves the value of a command line argument
HB_PIsByRef Determine if a parameter is passed by reference.
HB_PValue Retrieves the value of an argument.
HB_ValToStr Converts any scalar type to a string.
MemVarBlock Returns a codeblock that sets/gets a value of memvar variable
PCount Retrieves the number of arguments passed to a function.
Type Retrieves the type of an expression
ValType Retrieves the data type of an expression

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