Adds or subtracts months to/from a date


      AddMonth( [<dDate>,] <nMonths> ) -> dShiftedDate


<dDate>Designates the date to which the months is added.

The default is the system date.

<nMonth>Designates the number of months to add to <dDate>.


AddMonth() returns the new date after <nMonth> is added to <dDate>.


Use this function to calculate payment due dates based on an invoice date and for similar applications. It permits you to add months to a given date. If you use a negative number, months are subtracted.


An empty date parameter will result in an empty date.


     * Show today's date, plus 36 months:

     ? "The payment period ends on: ", AddMonth(36)

     * Today plus 7 month: 
     ? "AddMonth( 7 ) :", AddMonth( 7 )

     * Date of last day of 7 month after :
     ? "EOM( AddMonth( 7 ) ) :", EOM( AddMonth( 7 ) )

     * Dates of next year: 
     dDate := CTOD( "12.12.2012" )
     ? "Last day of one month after", dDate, ":", EOM( AddMonth( dDate, 1 ) )
     ? "Last day of two month after", dDate, ":", EOM( AddMonth( dDate, 2 ) )

     * Month before 
     ? "Date of two month before", dDate, ":", AddMonth( dDate, -2 )


AddMonth() is compatible with CT3’s AddMonth().




Source is dattime2.prg, library is libct.

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