Sets argument error behaviour


      CSetArgErr( [<nNewMode>] ) -> <nOldMode>


[<nNewMode>] New argument error throwing mode


<nOldMode> The current or old argument error throwing mode.


All CT3 functions are very compliant in their reaction to wrong parameters. By using the CSetArgErr() function, you can make the library throw an error with the severity <nNewMode>. It is then up to the error handler to substitute the return value. <nNewMode> can be one of the severity modes defined in ct.ch: CT_ARGERR_WHOCARES corresponds to ES_WHOCARES CT_ARGERR_WARNING corresponds to ES_WARNING CT_ARGERR_ERROR corresponds to ES_ERROR CT_ARGERR_CATASTROPHIC corresponds to ES_CATASTROPHIC CT_ARGERR_IGNORE The last is the default behaviour and switches any argument error throwing off.


CSetArgErr() is a new function in Harbour’s CT3 library.




Source is ct.c, library is libct.

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