Converts a special 8-byte string into a floating point number



       CToF( <cFloatingPointNumber> ) --> nFloatingPointNumber


<cFloatingPointNumber> Designate a string that contains a Harbour number in flotaing point format.


CToF() return the floating point number that corresponds to the string passed.

ATTENTION: different implementations or platforms of Harbour, they could produce different format in the string returned by FTOC().


Character strings created with FTOC() or XTOC() are convert into Harbour floating point number Note that when you use XTOC(), character strings or portions of character strings, can be switched back, if they have been displayed as Harbour floating point numbers.


       .  Change a number and then change it back:
              CToF(FTOC(1234.55))        // Result:  1234.55
           .  This also works for XTOC():
              ? CToF(XTOC(1234.55))      // Result:  1234.55




Source is ftoc.c, library is libct.


FToC(), XToC()

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