Pauses a specified time in increments of 1/100 seconds


      WaitPeriod( [<nDelay>] ) --> lNotElapsed


<nDelay> Designates the waiting period at initialization in 1/100ths of seconds. Values from 1 to 8, 640, 000 (one day) are possible.


WaitPeriod() returns .T. , if the time span designated at initialization has not elapsed.


This function sets a time span for a xHarbour DO WHILE loop to run. The function must initialize prior to the loop, since you must specify the <nDelay> parameter in 1/100th seconds. Subsequently, the function can be implemented without a parameter for additional loop conditions. It returns .T., as long as the designated time span has not yet run out.


The function notes the status of the internal timer at initialization. From that point on, the initialization should always precede the respective DO WHILE; otherwise, the time delay is incorrect. The passing of midnight (the time resets to the 0 value) is taken into account.


      Run a loop for 5 seconds:

      WaitPeriod( 500 )             // Initialization, 5 seconds
      DO WHILE <cond1> .AND. <cond2> .AND. WaitPeriod()


WaitPeriod() is Clipper Tools compatible.




Source is dattime3.c, library is libct.

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