Moves characters from the beginning to the end of a string


       JustLeft( <[@]cString>, [<cChar>|<nChar>] ) -> cJustifiedString


<cString> [@] Designates the string that is processed. <cCharacter|nCharacter> Designates the character that is moved from the beginning of the <cString> to the end. The default value is a space, CHR(32).


The processed <cString> is returned.


JustLeft() moves the characters specified in <cCharacter|nCharacter> from the beginning of a character string to the end. Then the remaining text in the character string is left justified, without affecting the length.


. If the <cCharacter|nCharacter> parameter is not specified, spaces are automatically moved. . The return value for this function can be suppressed by implementing CSETREF() to save room in working memory.


       .  Move the blanks:
              ? JustLeft("   123")              // "123   "
           .  Move the "." character:
              ? JustLeft("..123","." )          // "123.."

See also

JustRight(), CSetRef(), Introduction

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