Declare a module identifier


     ANNOUNCE <idModule>


<idModule> is a module identifier name.


ANNOUNCE is a declaration statement that defines a module identifier. A linker may use this identifier later to satisfy pending module REQUESTs. ANNOUNCE and REQUEST provide a mechanism for managing application modules (.prg files).

Specify ANNOUNCE statements prior to any executable statements in a program file. A source (.prg) file can only have one module identifier; all subsequent ANNOUNCE declarations produce a compiler warning and will be ignored.

Module identifiers must be unique and should not duplicate the name of any procedures or user-defined functions in a source (.prg) file.


// This example illustrates the ANNOUNCE declaration:

        ANNOUNCE CustomInit

           ? "Hypothetical Industries, Inc."


        The above program module, CustomInit, should be compiled with the /N
        option.  Subsequently, the program is addressed in the source code of
        another program module through use of the REQUEST statement */

        REQUEST CustomInit

        which causes the module CustomInit to be linked into the resultant
        executable (.EXE) file.



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