Tests if the value returned by an expression is a character string.


      HB_IsString( <expression> ) --> lIsString


<expression> an expression of any data type


.T. (true) if the value returned by <expression> is a character string, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


HB_IsString() is used to test if a variable contains a character string or if the result of an expression is of data type Character. The function can be used as a replacement for the expression: Valtype(<expression>)==”C”.


HB_IsArray(), HB_IsBlock(), HB_IsByRef(), HB_IsDate(), HB_IsLogical(), HB_IsHash(), HB_IsMemo(), HB_IsNIL(), HB_IsNull(), HB_IsNumeric(), HB_IsObject(), HB_IsString(), Type(), Valtype()

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