Creates a directory


      HB_DirBuild( <cNewDir>) --> <nSuccess>


<cNewDir> : the name of the directory to be created, including an optional drive. If you do not specify a drive, the current one is used. The new directory can be specified relative to the current directory, or absolute, including a drive letter followed by a colon.


<nSuccess> : zero on success, -1 if there is an argument error; Otherwise, HB_DirBuild() returns the DOS error code. HB_DirBuild() returns 0 if successful;


HB_DirBuild() creates a specified directory. Note that first you must have sufficient rights to create a directory. To create nested subdirectories, you must create each subdirectory separately, starting from the top-level directory that you want to create (see example below.)


HB_DirBuild() is equivalent to HB_DirCreate(), MakeDir() and DirMake()


      .  This example assumes that C:\TEST exists and uses HB_DirBuild()
         twice to create a nested subdirectory under it:

      HB_DirBuild("c:\test\one")    // Create top-most one
      nResult := HB_DirBuild("c:\test\one\two")
      IF nResult != 0
         ? "Cannot make directory, DOS error ", nResult

      You may also use something like this:

      HB_DirBuild( ".\test" )


DirChange(), DirName(), DirRemove(), MakeDir(), DirChange(), HB_DirCreate(), DirMake()

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