Displays a text-mode dialog box with a message.


      HB_Alert( <xMessage>, [<aOptions>], [<cColor>], [<nDelay>] ) --> nChoice


<xMessage> : The message to display. May be any data type. Character string may be divided display lines by the semicolon

<aOptions> : An array with available response as character strings. Default is { “Ok” }.

<cColor> : A string as color codes. Default color is “W+/R”.

<nDelay> : Number of seconds to wait to user response before abort. Default value is 0, that wait forever.


A numeric value indicating the ordinal position within <aOption> selected by the user. Zero value means that user pressed escape key.

If <nDelay> is specified and this number of seconds has elapsed without a key press, the return value is 1.


HB_Alert() displays a dialog box and lets the user select an option. The user can move a highlight bar using arrow keys or the TAB key. To select an option, the user can press ENTER, SPACE or the first letter of an option.

HB_Alert() is extended version of Alert() to support all variables types (not just strings) is passed as first parameter.


      // This example displays a message with two line : file name and 'not found' message.
      // After 15 seconds without user response, assumed 'Abort' selected.

      FUNCTION FNFMessage( cFileName )

         LOCAL cMessage, aOptions, nChoice

         aMessage := { cFileName, 'Not found !' }
         aOptions :=  { 'Abort', 'Retry', 'Skip' }

         nChoice := HB_Alert( aMessage, aOptions, , 15 )

      RETURN nChoice // FNFMessage()


@…PROMPT, AChoice(), Alert(), DispBox(), DispOut(), MENU TO

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